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Epperly Travel is a team of expert travel consultants who hand-craft perfect vacations based on your personality, interests and needs.
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Why spend hours of your valuable time researching when you can have an expert handle the planning process? Why use a booking engine when you can have your vacation tailor-made to suit your needs? Why trust anyone besides an expert to manage your free leisure time? At Epperly Travel, we specialize in customizing vacations across the world, no matter how close or far. You spin the globe, we'll take care of the rest. Even if you don't know where you want to go, part of our planning process is to match you to the perfect destination, hotel, or cruise line that will fit you and your travel companions beyond what you could have imagined. Travel is not one size fits all! The best part is: it doesn't cost you any more than booking online. With our connections within the Virtuoso network thanks to our affiliation with Century Travel, we make sure you're treated like royalty, not just another face in the crowd from an online booking. Whether that means guaranteed upgrades or complimentary amenities, we can show you not just how to travel, but how to travel well. Our relationships with our clients are what drive us to perfection – we want each and every detail to match your needs, whether that need is to explore a new country from top to bottom or to simply relax on the beach as a treat to yourself (you deserve it!), we'll turn that getaway you've been dreaming of into a reality!

Our Team

Not only are we your team of expert travel consultants, we're your storytellers. We want to hear about your past adventures and help craft your future travel stories, the ones you'll be sharing time after time with friends around your dinner table, inspiring them to pick up their passports and get away from here.


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We love sharing our travel stories, client testimonials and partner updates with you! Check out our In Transit Travel Blog to live vicariously and read more about our favorite spots.

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Ready to begin planning your own dream trip? Feel free to reach out at info@epperlytravel.com or fill out our Request a Trip form!
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