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Alison & Ken’s Honeymoon in Greece – Client Testimonial

Alison & Ken came to us with a dream: to honeymoon in GREECE! But, it’s such a complex destination – with so many unique islands to choose from and so many amazing resorts to narrow down from there, it’s next to impossible to plan on your own. We are so thankful for these two and their open-mindedness to allow us to put together an itinerary that fit their personalities, interests and needs. Congratulations on your marriage, Alison & Ken, and thanks for sharing your story with us!

The honeymoon was AMAZING!!!!!!!

Everything was absolutely perfect.

GreeceElectra Metropolis was great. They had an awesome rooftop view of the Acropolis and we hung out at the bar both nights since the view was so great. The rooms were super nice, they gave us a bottle of champagne and a few snacks and the breakfast was super legit.

Bill & Coo was by far the nicest hotel we’ve ever stayed at. The staff was amazing, so friendly, and literally catered to our every need. Kostas himself took us to our room, which was upgraded to the most awesome suite with sunbeds and hot tub!!! There was a bottle of champagne and he gave us a framed pic of Ellie Mae (their dog). Also a serious perk of the Bill & Coo was the fact they gave us a nokia cell phone which we could call at any time and request a car… So clutch. Everything was just perfect as far as the hotel goes. We really enjoyed every minute.

GreeceNaxos – the hotel (Naxian Collection) was great. We loved how quiet and natural everything was. The sailing tour we took with Catamaran Danae was awesome. I would definitely recommend it. The weather was slightly cold and windy, but the crew was awesome and the spots they took us to were gorgeous. Also, the guy who owns the boat – his mom made lunch which was served to us on the boat and it was very tasty.

Santorini was gorgeous. I think we got upgraded at the Mystique as well which was awesome. Mystique was very nice and had some awesome views. We ended up booking another sailing tour with Sunset Oia and had a great time.

Overall we had an amazing time and we are so glad we had you help book the honeymoon! We couldn’t have had a better time. We’ll definitely be using you for our next trip!!

Kelsey Hendrix

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