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Jenn Schultz : Epperly Travel

I can’t remember when exactly when I was bit by the travel bug but the passion sure has stuck around throughout my life! From a very young age my family took me across the world to visit my family in Israel. I truly feel these early family trips to a far-off land have shaped not only my love

Devan Mercer : Epperly Travel

My love of travel stems from summers on the road with my parents, and two younger siblings as a kid.  We explored every historical landmark my history teacher parents could find, annoyed each other to no end living out of a 21 foot travel trailer, and learned how to cook over an open fire after adventure packed days of

Carey Carpenter : Epperly Travel

"Traveling teaches you that It's not right or wrong, it's just different" Traveling is food for the soul. The moment I step off of a train, bus, plane, boat and into a foreign place my heart skips a beat. That feeling is what I thrive for, and what I live for. I truly believe in inspiring

Go-To Honeymoon Hotels – Featured in Jezebel

Running out of ideas of where to go for your honeymoon? Don’t worry! Lindsey was recently mentioned in Jezebel’s article “5 Honeymoon Hot Spots”. Here, she discusses some of her favorite go-to honeymoon hotels and destinations. From French Polynesia to Montana to Antigua, there is a little something for everyone. Click here to read the

Finding Grace In Mykonos

One thing I’ve realized with this new granola-crunchy-living-in-the-moment-practice that I’ve picked up is that the more you search and long and yearn for something, the less likely you are to find it. But sometimes I get caught up in the yearning. Searching for an intention feels a little like trying to capture a butterfly in

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