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Finest Resort 2nd Story Pool Room

Playa Mujeres: The Place to Be

Its that time of year again - Spring Break. The girls over here at Epperly Travel have been booking trips to Playa Mujeres left and right. Whether it be a fun girls trip, a family vacay, a honeymoon getaway, or even a wedding party, this is definitely the place to be this year! For those

Making a Connecting Flight – Condé Nast

There’s a method to the madness. Don’t let missing a connecting flight ruin your entire vacation! Condé Nast posted a “tips and tricks” on how to make transferring from one flight to another go as smoothly as possible. One of Lindsey’s tips (as mentioned in the article) is to make sure the flight attendant is


Nicaragua’s Spiritual Side

There’s truly something spiritual about Nicaragua as a whole. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been finding something spiritual in everything lately, or perhaps it’s because there really is the opportunity to fill your soul to the brim with each and every interaction that travel brings forth. Regardless of the reason, after our first go-go-go day on


Nekupe: Nicaragua’s First Safari Lodge

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to visit Nicaragua from one of my all time favorite travel industry people (shout out to Bea!). Since booking my flights and sharing with family and friends that I'd be visiting this little gem in Central America, I've been met with an overwhelming response of, "Nicaragua?! WHY?"


Nizuc Taught Me How To Meditate

I very well could be on the brink of a quarter life crisis but I have a sporty car and travel for a living, so my networking friends suggested that a life crisis for me is going to be reverting to opposite behavior, like moving to a farming town in the Midwest and going off


Le Soleil D’Or – Cayman Brac

Careful what you wish for - as soon as I make a public statement to live more openly, I'm immediately tested to put my money where my mouth is. On Thursday I heard that Delta had issued waivers due to the impending snowstorm set to hit the Southeast the following day - and my flight was


The 2017 Wendy Perrin Summit & WOW List

Starting and running a business is a little like finding a dragon egg. You know what you have is special, so you nurture it with your whole heart and when it finally hatches, you now possess something entirely magical that could also possibly destroy you. You don’t know how to raise it because there are no

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