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Grand Cayman – The Perfect Getaway Island

Just a short flight away lies Grand Cayman – the perfect island for your next vacation. From fun adventures and relaxing on the beach to delicious restaurants and shopping in the city, this island has everything you could want in a getaway. Grand Cayman is incredibly Americanized, so it’s very easy and safe to head into town and visit Margaritaville or do some shopping.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Grand Cayman is that it is just a cruise port. Some people don’t even think about it when planning a trip because they don’t want to be bothered by the cruise passengers. However, a lot of people don’t realize that the cruises dock in George Town which is a good drive away from Seven Mile Beach – home to the majority of the resorts on the island.

There are a few activities and a massive amount of restaurants that make this a go to Caribbean destination for us! Stingray City – our favorite excursion in the Caribbean. Breakfast with the Rays is the newest stingray adventure. You can hop aboard one of their 65 foot catamarans and sail over to the Stingray Sandbar where you can play and snorkel with the stingrays and enjoy an early morning breakfast. The best part about it this excursion? It takes place before all of the cruise ships dock, and, therefore, you will be the first to have the stingrays all to yourself. Not to mention that you’ll come back home with some of the best pictures!

Stingray City - Grand Cayman

Located in Old Man Bay in a lush, tropical forest lies our next must-experience adventure. The Grand Cayman Crystal Caves are made up of breathtaking crystal structures formed by single drops of water and the slow passage of time. When venturing into the caves, you will also come across strangler balsam trees, air plants, parrots, bats, and so much more tropical plant and animal life. Although they are located on the opposite side of the island from the hotels, exploring the Crystal Caves are a must!

Grand Cayman Crystal Caves

Another aspect of Grand Cayman that sets it apart from other Caribbean islands is that it is a huge foodie destination! There are around 200 local restaurants located around Seven Mile Beach and just a short drive away from our favorite resorts. Since there are so many great restaurants, you will rarely find an all inclusive resort because you are encouraged to enjoy the local (and delicious) cuisine.

Grand Cayman Local Cuisine

So now onto the resorts! First on the list is the new and modern Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa. Opened in November 2016, Kimpton Seafire is the island’s first ever boutique resort with 266 rooms, suites, and bungalows. A soothing spa, three distinct dining destinations, and two seaside pools are a few of the activities that you will find. So whether you are a couple looking for a getaway or a family looking for some fun, this resort has everything you need. The Kimpton Seafire is located at the end of Seven Mile Beach, which means you are able to relax in a quiet and serene environment without having to be immersed in the hustle and bustle.

Kimpton Seafire - Grand Cayman

On to the next one… The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman is located in the middle of Seven Mile Beach and is one of the island’s only true 5-Star resorts. This luxurious resort is equipped with a spa, a nine-hole golf course, tennis courts, a basketball court, on-site shopping, a water playground, countless numbers of water sports, and so much more. The Ritz-Carlton is by far the best place to stay on the island – as with most Ritz properties. It has very classic decor, however, they have recently spruced up many of the rooms. One of the downsides to this resort is that the room descriptions can get kind of confusing unless you’re a pro at hotels. “What’s the difference between an ocean view and an ocean front view? Should I stay in the ocean section or the resort section?!” Have no fear! We can help you find the room or suite that best suits you and your party.

Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman

The Westin Grand Cayman is last on our list of favorite resorts on the island. This resort is perfect for those who like to be right in the middle of the mix rather than being stuck on the end. The lobby was just renovated at the beginning of this year, and it now features a bright and airy color palette that elevates a sense of welcome to the guests while immediately drawing your eye to gorgeous panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea. The renovations also included the addition of the redesigned, large freshwater swimming pool and swim-up bar. With new convenient services and more enjoyable experiences, the design of the resort isn’t the only thing that got a makeover. Not to mention that there is a part two to this renovation – wait until you see what they have planned for the rooms and suites!

Westin Grand Cayman

Image Credits: Westin Grand Cayman Photo Gallery

Rated #1 Beach by U.S. New Travel, Seven Mile Beach and the rest of Grand Cayman Island have so much to offer for couples, families, and friends. Total relaxation, delectable dining, and adventurous underwater sights are just a few of the wonderful experiences you’ll get to enjoy on your next trip to the Caribbean.

Kelsey Hendrix

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