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Stress-Free Vacation in Mexico – Mentioned on Oyster

Timing is everything – especially when it comes to your vacation. Check out these travel tips that Lindsey gives about timing your trip just right in this Oyster article.


“”Ditch the beach vacations in Mexico during December and January, especially over the holiday. It’s their high season and you could go to the same beach for quite a bit less just by waiting a few weeks,” says Lindsey Epperly, a luxury travel consultant and owner of Epperly Travel. Still keen on going then? “Take a cultural tour of the internal side of Mexico. San Miguel de Allende is just a short jaunt from Mexico City and offers some of the most unique and approachable culture in the entire country,” says Epperly.”

Thinking about your next getaway? This entire article has some great advice on how to have a stress-free vacation!




Kelsey Hendrix

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