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“Traveling teaches you that It’s not right or wrong, it’s just different”

Traveling is food for the soul. The moment I step off of a train, bus, plane, boat and into a foreign place my heart skips a beat. That feeling is what I thrive for, and what I live for. I truly believe in inspiring others to travel more and cherish your vacations. My mission is to motivate others into making memories with unforgettable experiences in foreign lands. I am an experienced traveler being fortunate enough to travel to over 60 countries across 6 continents at the age of 30. My personal style of traveling involves conversations with the local people, eating the native unique cuisine, and the treasured stories I get to share afterwords. What makes you tick? What makes you fulfilled on your vacation? We all want different experiences and memories out of our travels. I am here to help you make your own special dreams with family, loved ones, and friends come to life.  

My love and passion for traveling truly began after I studied abroad in college. Not once, but twice. I loved it so much I had to do it again. Brazil and Trinidad & Tobago, both unique locations and equally unique experiences. These were not your typical study abroad’s to Italy or Paris. Later on, after dwelling in my desk job, I decided to be spontaneous and move to Europe. Because…..WHY NOT?  I chose to live in Prague, Czech Republic and taught English from 2014-2016, using this as my home base for a lot of European traveling. I started blogging and using creative photography and videography to create my own social media brand that provided me the opportunity to take even more unique experiences.  After booking that one-way ticket to Europe in 2014, two years later I felt it was finally time to return home to curate a different style of travel. I wanted to inspire and help others achieve their travel goals, and to take that trip you have always wanted. This is where I am confident that my experiences and expertise will step in to cater and fulfill your wishes for your very own perfect holiday.

To learn more about my personal travels check out my blog, social media links, and videos at www.carebearabroad.com / @carebearabroad

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