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Connor & Kaitlyn’s UK Getaway – Client Testimonial

We have been fortunate enough to get to know Connor and Kaitlyn as they were planning their dreamy Italian honeymoon. We’re thrilled to see their love story unfold as they hit their bucket list destinations, like their anniversary trip to the UK! We are so passionate about planning these milestone getaways and absolutely love what these two had to say about their recent getaway:

StonehengeWe had such a fantastic trip – it was so well planned. Lindsey and Kelsey did such a great job! Everywhere we stayed was exemplary with service being the top priority. Bravo! 

Reubens at the Palace in London was such a great hotel. It was in the perfect location. We could either walk or take a relatively short Tube or Uber ride everywhere. The concierge was particularly incredible! (The customer service that we received at all of the hotels were exceptional.) We particularly loved Bogdon who worked at the concierge desk. He was so friendly and helpful while we were there. They printed out a picture of us from our wedding, which was super sweet. (I bet Lindsey and Kelsey had something to do with that!)River Thames Tour

The first bus tour with the river cruise on the Thames was great. We loved doing this on the first day because it was a great overview of the city. Plus, we were jet-lagged! The tour guide was great, and the river cruise was really nice.
The G&V Royal Mile Hotel in Edinburgh was one of the nicest hotels we have ever stayed in! The customer service was unreal. All of them knew us by name and were super nice. I felt like I could have asked the folks at G&V to stand on their head and sing songs and they would have done it with a smile on their faces. We loved the Old Fashioned-making class. The bartender, Gio, was great, and we will definitely be putting what we learned to the test. Also, the restaurant at this hotel was amazing. We had lunch at the Italian restaurant there, and it was one of the best meals I have ever had.

IMG_5262Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews – Now, this hotel was absolutely the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in! They upgraded us to the most amazing suite. Although the hotel was super expensive, we wish we would have stayed longer than one night. The Old Course is closed on Sundays (which was also Connor’s birthday), so we got to walk on the course. Connor loved it! The town of St. Andrews is super cute too. I wish we could have spent more time there.

The Culloden House in Inverness was definitely different than any hotel we stayed in. It has a completely different vibe, but we liked it! It was very quaint and quiet, and it came
at a perfect time during the trip since we were getting pretty tired. The customer service was great. It was absolutely beautiful there. We loved their little secret garden!Scotland
 We were some of the youngest people there. It was absolutely worth the trip though because the drive to/from there was some of the prettiest views I have ever seen in my life!

Lastly, Cameron House in Loch Lomond reminded me a lot of hotels you would have seen in the US. It was very large, and it definitely didn’t have the personal touch that the other hotels did which was fine! It was probably our least favorite of the hotels we stayed at, but that is not a knock on them or Epperly Travel. It was very nice, and we had a great time.

Thanks again, Epperly team, for all of your hard work! We cannot wait for the next trip 🙂

Kelsey Hendrix

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