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Destination Wedding Planning with Vacations By Lindsey & Chancey Charm Weddings

I’m proud to announce our latest Preferred Vendor:   

While I specialize in the destination part of planning a destination wedding, Chancey Charm Weddings knows how to turn your dream day into a reality, no matter where in the world you’re getting married.

If you’re interested in planning a destination wedding, please call or e-mail me to begin discussing options. The first step is figuring out the perfect location for you – once we decide on that, I’ll make sure that the reservations side of things are taken care. I arrange transportation, accommodations, and extra perks (like upgrades for the bride and groom and free breakfast for all attendees, depending on the property) for you and your guests. That way, you don’t have to stress over how close your future mother in law will be to your honeymoon resort or any of the other hassels that come from gathering a group of people into one far-off place.

As I’m taking care of the logistics of the destination wedding, Chancey Charm Weddings will handle the actual planning process, ensuring that your big day goes off without a hitch…no pun intended. With a team of wedding coordinators across the States, your Chancey Charm wedding coordinator will devote her full attention to every little detail of your wedding, even the ones you forget to think about!

For more information on our partnership, click here.

Keep in mind that a destination wedding doesn’t have to be far or expensive. There are phenomenal wedding options within driving distance or a short flight away from you, just ask me and I’ll point you in the right direction! For the more adventurous, a destination wedding can be as far as your dreams take you – even if it’s halfway across the world. In the past, we’ve planned weddings for a fraction of the price that the average hundred-guest US occasion would cost…plus you and your guests get a vacation out of it. What more could you ask for?

Lindsey Epperly

My name is Lindsey Epperly and I’m a travel consultant and owner of Epperly Travel, a national affiliate of Century Travel. I’m most passionate about building lifelong relationships with my clients and suppliers, discovering the globe in a way that makes me a better agent, and celebrating with my team when we reach a new milestone. One of our core values at Epperly Travel is to create fun and celebrate constantly – and I’m fortunate to be in a career that allows me to do just that. I’m proud to announce my recent achievements: landing a spot on Wendy Perrin’s WOW List as their Caribbean expert, being nominated for Virtuoso’s Rising Star Award and receiving a place on Jezebel Magazine’s Trailblazing Ten list.

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