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Two Weeks Traveling in Europe – Meg’s Client Testimonial

There’s a lot that goes into planning the perfect getaway. I always make sure to try and balance the clients’ wishes and needs with their personalities and travel style. Every story is different, and putting together travel itineraries can feel like matching up pieces to a puzzle.
When Scott and Hayley came to me asking for help with their two week adventure through three countries in Europe, I knew we could turn it into the adventure they’d been dreaming of! Working alongside our awesome partners at Kensington Tours, we crafted a plan that allowed Scott and Hayley to experience everything on their wish list, while staying at some great, centrally located hotels.
Whenever you’re thinking about your next adventure, don’t be afraid to dream big! We’ll help you plan well, use your time wisely, and turn your dreams into the trip of a lifetime!

Meg Taylor




Scott and I had been vaguely planning a trip to Europe for the fall or 2015 since we got married 4 years ago. When it was time to plan the trip, we were so glad to have Meg help us. She took care of all the little details and really took all of the stress out of planning the trip.

In the Netherlands, Meg found us a great tour that gave us a taste of the whole country. We went to Rotterdam, Delft, and the Hague. Amsterdam was lovely, but we were glad that we took her suggestion to explore the surrounding area more. It was definitely a treat that we would not have found on our own.

In Munich, we loved the castles tour that she found for us. Neuschwanstein was straight out of a fairy tale. Our hotel had lovely, spacious rooms and a delicious breakfast buffet. It was also right next to the train station where we started our tours each morning, allowing us to sleep in as late as possible!

In Paris, Meg really helped us optimize our time with fitting everything we wanted to see into our four days. We wished we had more time at Versailles, but if we had done the full day tour instead of the half day, we would not have been able to see several of the sights on our list. We loved that she lived in Paris for a year, so she was able to suggest which cafes and bakeries had the best treats.

Overall, our trip was unforgettable. Thank you Meg!



Kelsey Hendrix

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