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Family Trip to Disney World & Universal Studios

I’ve come to a sad realization in my life: I think I’ve outgrown Disney World. I know, I know it is the happiest place on earth…but I truly believe the happiest place on earth will be the sugary white sand beaches of Turks and Caicos that I’ll be sitting on in a few weeks. I’m sure it’s a sign of age that I would rather be here, drinking piña coladas and watching the waves:

Than here, eating over-priced park food and watching other people’s children pitch inconsolable fits:


Why I'm Never Having Kids

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. We did have a blast the past couple of days, though – the highlight for me was yesterday’s trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure (my personal favorite theme park). My inner nerd was ecstatic:


Beside myself with excitement.

Also, as a writer, it gives me hope that one day I could pen a series that makes me a billionaire. Pshhh.

We were fortunate to go during an off-day (Friday in the middle of February) and faced very few lines at Universal. Today’s trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios was not quite as lucky – we’ve hit Orlando in the midst of Nationals weekend for cheerleaders across the globe. I think I heard “R-O-W-D-Y” in at least thirteen different languages today.


Just kidding – I would never hate on this sport, yours truly used to be quite the spunky little cheerleader.  Whether you love or hate cheerleaders, I strongly advise AGAINST visiting Disney World during their national competition.

When we reached the front of the line at the Tower of Terror, the Disney staff member asked one of the cheerleaders behind us, “How many in your party?”

“49,” she calmly replied. Thank goodness they were behind us (we might have cut them when they weren’t looking).

After all of this time spent with other people’s children, I can’t imagine a better getaway than a 4-day sailing on the Disney Dream! That’s where we’re going tomorrow.

No, really, I am excited about it – the Dream looks INCREDIBLE and I’m hoping it won’t be inundated with screaming kids since it’s not a holiday weekend or anything. Plus, we get to make a stop at Atlantis, so I’ll be doing site inspections of our partner properties, The Cove & The Reef. I’ll update as much as possible, which probably won’t be a TON considering the price of wifi on cruise ships, but will definitely have some new posts by the end of the week when I’m back.

Lindsey Epperly

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