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Thanksgiving in Florence & Rome; an Epperly Client Testimonial

When Brett Hagler, owner of the incredible New Story Charity, approached me about planning a last minute guy’s trip to Italy, I considered it a fun challenge. The guys gave me free reigns of planning their getaway so I immediately set up just the right amount of touring to keep them busy and see the sites. Luckily, my favorite guide was available (shout out to Lorenzo & our partners at Italy to the Max!) so I knew the guys would be in good hands.

Still, I wanted to do something special for this group who puts so much good into the world. We’ve been inspired by New Story since we decided to partner with them as our charity of choice and have been amazed to watch them grow – Brett has worked hard to make the dreams of others come true and I hoped that adding a few extra touches would help make this a trip the group would never forget. Thanks to our partners at the Portrait Firenze, the surprises waiting on them at check in did just that. 

I’ll let Brett take it from here with the beautiful story he shared on his blog, but nothing makes the entire Epperly Travel team happier than having happy clients. This is why we ask so many questions – we just want to know everything about you and how we can truly customize your next experience, no matter where in the world it is! Shoot me an email at lindsey@epperlytravel.com or give us a call at 706-888-7711 to begin that planning!




During Thanksgiving break, I took my first ever trip to Europe with 3 great friends. We used Epperly Travel to coordinate a jam-packed trip as we only had 4 days to do Florence/Rome. After a long day of travel, we got to our first hotel in Florence. I walk into the room and see this…

new story 1

A custom cake and custom card with the New Story logo and a message from Lindsey Epperly (Founder of Epperly Travel). This was the last thing I expected. It was literally a “wow” moment and created so much delight that I couldn’t stop smiling.

The next moment was for my roommate, “Badessa”, at the hotel. Leading up to the trip, we had a long email thread going with Lindsey from Epperly Travel. Our group always has weird inside jokes, so a picture of Badessa back in college was put in the email thread. Well, Lindsey took that picture, sent it to the hotel, and this is what we saw next to the bed…

new story 2

To the outside world, this is just a picture. But to our group, this was something we absolutely loved. It didn’t cost Epperly Travel more money or a ton of time… all it cost was a little bit of thoughtfulness and creativity. It showed they genuinely cared about our experience down to the detail of what will be displayed on the iPad at the hotel. These are magical moments.

And any business, blogger, solo-entrepreneur can create these moments. In marketing, there’s nothing more powerful than magical moments. We do our best to create magical moments at New Story. And now, I’m even more inspired to do them as I personally felt how powerful magical moments are.

How can you create a magical moment for someone this week? 

Kelsey Hendrix

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