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Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts: Around The World Tours & What’s New With the Brand

This past Friday, I attended Virtuoso’s Southeast Regional meeting. Over lunch, I was sitting in the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead, managing a St. Regis client’s requests over my phone, and listening to a presentation on all of the new and exciting things going on with the Four Seasons brand worldwide. I felt like a luxury hotel lover torn in three different very incredible directions – how does one even choose?

I think that these three brands are truly iconic – of course you have other players depending on preference and destination – and I’m proud to say that no matter which one you’re loyal to, 90% of the St. Regis, Ritz-Carlton, and Four Seasons properties are partners of mine, so I’m glad to get clients extra perks and amenities at their favorite brands across the globe.

Or, if you’re like me and you enjoy trying out different brands and options wherever you go, that’s fine, too. However, our lunch presentation on Friday was about the magnificent Four Seasons brand, which I became a swooning fan of on my recent trip to Vail, so I’m excited to report on all things Seasons in today’s blog post.

From what I learned at our regional meeting, the Four Seasons brand is moving forward at full speed with some amazing new hotels and innovative ideas at customer service. The brand has launched new properties across the globe, including Toronto (Canada is home to the FS brand), Santa Fe, and Tanzania.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 5.58.19 PM

The latter venture into the African safari world will be a first for the brand, so I’m excited to see how their Midas touch affects the Serengeti property that they have renovated (if the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle in Chiang Mai is any testament to how a Four Seasons can produce luxury out of a wildlife driven destination, I am completely confident in what they’re doing in Tanzania). The very talented James Haigh, who graciously took my group of travel bugs to Singita Pamushana, has a hand in this property, so I know it’s going to be a wild success, pun intended.

While our Four Seasons rep was describing the new African property, she went into vivid details of how the infinity pool is located directly behind a watering hole that attracts tons of game viewing. So, you can float in the pool with cocktail in hand while still watching the wildlife pass by.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 5.58.10 PM

Now that is my kind of safari experience. This new property is really great for multigenerational families – children over 8 are allowed to the camp – and for couples alike. If Africa isn’t on your bucket list, it absolutely should be and I LOVE planning the destination, so contact me for more details about setting up your own safari experience!

Beyond those new additions, the Four Seasons has also recently opened their Beijing property, a long awaited hotel experience, and their newest venture in St. Petersburg is set to open in May (which is ideal because I’m set to visit St. Petersburg in June!). The Four Seasons St. Petersburg is set within a 19th-century Russian royal palace and is located a mere two blocks away from the Hermitage – but, when you’re staying in a palace to begin with, you might be more impressed with your own hotel than you will with one of the world’s most famous museums!

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 5.58.49 PM

While those incredible bucket list destinations are worth checking out, I’ll tell you an experience that tops my own personal bucket list: the Four Seasons Around the World Tours. These exclusive tours take you across the globe by private jet to the world’s most luxurious properties for an immersive experience across multiple continents. The October 5, 2013 22-day Four Seasons Around the World itinerary hits the following locations:

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 6.02.58 PM

The tour is complete with private chef, concierge, and even a blogger who will keep track of the entire experience. It’s so strange, no matter how many times I offer to blog or do an agent inspection of this tour for the Four Seasons, no one ever gets back to me…I mean, I’d be happy to do it free of cost, just a complimentary service out of the goodness of my heart…right?

Anyway, I say all of this to bring the Four Seasons to the front of your mind. If you haven’t traveled to one yet, put it on your bucket list. I was fortunate enough to visit two locations in 2012 (Vail and Scottsdale) and really fell in love with the brand. We’re talking about a company that, when you’re visiting their Costa Rica property, provides your private transfer with an iPad so that you can connect with the front desk in order to begin the process of checking in and letting them know your preferences. A company that provides families with “departure survival kits” for kids, complete with crayons and other activities for their journeys back home. A company that really listens to their clients, from providing a more personalized turndown service to offering more local culture in the on-property gift shops. This brand is out of this world and, if you don’t want to take my word for it, then you should definitely let me send you to one of their amazing properties!

Lindsey Epperly

My name is Lindsey Epperly and I’m a travel consultant and owner of Epperly Travel, a national affiliate of Century Travel. I’m most passionate about building lifelong relationships with my clients and suppliers, discovering the globe in a way that makes me a better agent, and celebrating with my team when we reach a new milestone. One of our core values at Epperly Travel is to create fun and celebrate constantly – and I’m fortunate to be in a career that allows me to do just that. I’m proud to announce my recent achievements: landing a spot on Wendy Perrin’s WOW List as their Caribbean expert, being nominated for Virtuoso’s Rising Star Award and receiving a place on Jezebel Magazine’s Trailblazing Ten list.

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