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Thanksgiving in Germany – an Epperly Client Testimonial

One of the best parts about this “job” is when clients become friends. It gives me such great joy to hear from a client after they’ve traveled to hear their stories. Another perk of my job is when my friends become clients. Rebecca and I have been friends for years and she came to me seeking advice for her Thanksgiving Eurotrip (10 days prior to her desired departure). We worked closely over the next two days to ensure her trip was organized and that we were choosing the best possible options for her travel preferences. Before I knew it, she was wheels up headed to Munich!

Friends (or future friends!), I look forward to working for you to create your dream vacation and developing a relationship through a common love–the love of travel!

Megan Jones



From Rebecca H.,

First, let me state that I’m a vacation hoarder. I never use time off for a “staycation” or a three day weekend. So, I had six days left of vacation to use before the end of the year and I didn’t want to lose them or roll them over into the next year. I asked a few friends if they had any vacation days left, and most had been used already or being saved to spend time with their families for the holidays. I have skipped Thanksgiving for the past two years so that I could use my paid holiday along with my paid vacation time, allowing me to max out my time away from the office. Thanksgiving was approaching, and I wanted to go somewhere but I hadn’t decided where and with whom yet? So, spontaneously, I just decided that I would go by myself. Google Flights is a blessing and a curse. I check it way too often, and pick places at random. I saw flights to Germany weren’t too outrageous, but like most, I wait and wait, to see if the prices will drop. They were increasing daily, and I had limited time to make a decision. I remembered that my friend Megan was working as a traveling consultant for Epperly Travel. I never asked her what her role as a traveling consultant was and/or how to use any of Epperly Travel’s services. I have never used a travel agent before, I usually just book flights on my own online. I just texted Megan with the most vague question, and as quick as lightening she was send emails with flight routes and comparable prices. She knew I had to make a quick decision, so in less than two days, she booked two different flights for me at a rate less than what I would have paid just booking the flight on my own online. Her services were complimentary, as they are for all her clients. She completed the entire booking through email, texting, and one phone call to get my payment method. This trip was booked and planned ten days in “advance,” and it was the best trip I’ve ever taken. Megan sent detailed itineraries, changed my seat preferences on the plane, and while she was on her own anniversary trip in Mexico, she sent me snapchat reminders to check in to my flight and to also wish me well (Millennials have more fun with reminders than calendar notifications and emails).

I’ve never booked an international trip this close to the date before, so I really appreciated everything Megan did to help me make this trip happen and at a much better price than if I had booked it on my own and on such short notice. Megan also took care of all the booking and details for a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas for seven of us for a bachelorette trip earlier this year in February. Megan is very organized, trustworthy, and truly fantastic at her job. I would highly recommend her to others and Epperly Travel for any future trips, especially those planned ten days in advance.

With the help of my friend, I traveled to Munich, Dortmund, and Hamburg, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic.

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Kelsey Hendrix

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