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John & Sue Skipper : Epperly Travel

Hello there! Sue and I are agents of Epperly Travel. We are dedicated to providing worldwide travel experiences, customized for each client.

Through the years, we have created incredible memories together traveling many countries and Oceans of the World.

As Travel Professions for 5 years, we specialize in organizing Group Tours and personalized luxury travel. This expertise helps our clients plan their dream vacations, anywhere worldwide. Further information regarding our travel experience, recommendations and services are available at www.epperlytravel.com.

Specialties include:
Personalized Luxury Dream trips, Group tours, Caribbean, British Isles, Europe, River Cruises, Mediterranean and Israel.

Places we have traveled in the US:
New York
A New England tour with an emphasis on Lobster and leaves
North Eastern States to Niagara Falls including Toronto, and Montreal Canada
All Southeastern destinations (Miami to Washington DC)
All Midwestern states
California (San Francisco -South to San Diego)
Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas
Grand Canyon and National Park Highlights Tour
Alaska with land and Cruise Tour packages
Splendor of Hawaii Tours

International Travel:
British Isles
10 European Countries:
France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece,
Greek Isles, Croatia
Argentina, Columbia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico,
Israel, Turkey
Caribbean Islands

Dream Vacations
Family Celebrations
Exploration Tours
The Worlds most beautiful destinations

To reach out to John & Sue to plan your next getaway, send them an email to John@EpperlyTravel.com or Sue@EpperlyTravel.com

Kelsey Hendrix

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