Kourtney Coleman


“To Travel is to Live”
-Hans Christian Andersen








Travel is a necessity of life. It’s my time to relax, recharge and rejuvenate. It is also the best time for me to refocus on what is important, as well as set personal and professional goals.

Do you struggle as to where to travel next? Do I return to one of the destinations I have so enjoyed in the past (that’s 53 countries to choose from!)…to go deeper, stay longer and learn more? I hope to one day. For now, I crave the destinations I have yet to visit and even more far flung locales… including remote islands and the 7th continent.

What type of travel do you enjoy? Are you fulfilled by beautiful scenery and nature? Do you seek travel with an intellectual purpose? I find both appealing and can often be combined.

Our trip to South Africa was one of those trips. Cape Town, Hermanus for whale watching and diving with sharks, Franschhoek wine country and a safari near Kruger National Park provided the most exhilarating nature experience for this non-Outdoor kind of girl. Of course, the journey would not have been complete without learning about this country’s history and a visit to Robben Island.

I find cruising an excellent way to combine nature inspired relaxation and the fulfillment of intellectual pursuits. I’m at my most relaxed when sitting on the balcony of an ocean going liner or river cruise, watching the world go by. Traveling between European Cities and the Greek Isles, cruising allows me to glide effortlessly between historically significant locales to world class museums / art galleries.

The more I travel, the more engaging travel becomes. Visiting world renowned museums, then becoming part of the scenery where the masterpieces were created – from the South of France to French Polynesia. Being in the original location of a spoil of war – an Egyptian obelisk, a Russian Faberge Egg or in Istanbul where the Horse Statues of St. Marks in Venice once stood.

I use different forms of “art” as guidebooks to travel. I enjoy seeing where movies and TV shows are actually filmed or visiting historical sites they reference – like Highclere Castle, the backdrop of Downtown Abbey or the Chateau de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley. Books (both fictional or non-fiction) can be used like treasure hunts. Travel makes history and stories jump off the pages — like the Bible does in Israel or City of Fallen Angels does for Venice.

So now you know a bit of my philosophy on travel. But what can I do for you as a client!? I want to assist you in creating a travel experience that is both fulfilling and meaningful to you!

Kourtney Coleman


Luxury Travel Consultant

Accredited Bridal Consultant


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