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Luxury Caribbean Vacations in Turks & Caicos – Virtuoso Property The Gansevoort & More

You know those mornings when you wake up and have NO idea where you are? I had one of those this morning – and then, when I turned over and saw the bright Caribbean sun shining through my windows…I remembered exactly where I was.  Turks and Caicos has totally exceeded my expectations – before we even stepped off the plane yesterday, the views were breathtaking.


I’ve heard that Turks is not your typical Caribbean island, but if you know me, you know I don’t believe it until I see it 🙂 Thanks to our gracious hosts at the Veranda Resort, I’m finally able to see exactly what sets Turks apart – and I suggest you do the same. The pristine white sand beaches stretch for miles and I haven’t seen so many different shades of crystal clear water since my trip to French Polynesia. I just can’t believe this kind of beauty exists only a 3 hour flight away from Atlanta.

We were blown away when we arrived at – the light blue and yellow units are in such a perfect little community that I’m nearly reminded of Seaside, Florida.

view from our suite

Our hosts have been so wonderful by putting us up in a 2-bedroom Oceanview Suite – it is more spacious than most condos I’ve stayed in: complete with a full kitchen, living area, three balconies, and two stories. We were beside ourselves when we walked in – I’m doing a site inspection of the Veranda tomorrow, so I’ll be able to detail more about the specifics of the property. For now, I can tell you that it is the best food I’ve ever had at an all inclusive resort. We’ve eaten fresh fish, calamari, asparagus risotto, braised beef short ribs, and, my all time favorite, tiramisu…and we’ve only had 3 meals here so far…we’re getting our money’s worth out of the all inclusive aspect.

Yesterday, my biggest concern was how to not spill my piña colada while climbing into a hammock bed. I think that constitutes a GREAT beginning to our vacation.

For the afternoon and evening, we were fortunate enough to do a site inspection and dinner at the Gansevoort. I’ve had clients stay here in the past and rave over the modern look, gorgeous white beach, and accommodating staff. The Gansevoort was more than that – it felt like stepping into a magazine. While it is the epitome of sophisticated, it is such a personal property – our generous hosts, Lidra and Dori, picked us up from our resort, took time out of their schedule to show us every aspect of the property, and treated us to dinner at the fabulous Stelle restaurant. I have to thank our wonderful rep, Claire, for setting this up – you could not have put us in touch with better hosts! We all hit it off fast – laughing about the frosted glass doors in the 1-Bedroom suite and the awe-inspiring way that they fill their bathtubs:

This property is perfect for those looking for more of a boutique experience and one-on-one service. It’s really great for anyone who loves a modern look. The rooms were that gorgeous dark wood paired with a Tiffany’s blue and white color scheme that I adored at the St. Regis Atlanta. I think those are my favorite colors together – ever.

Some photos from my tour:


And we’ll end with my favorite spot on the entire property:

Lindsey Epperly

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