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Luxury Mediterranean Cruise on the Seabourn Legend: Ajaccio, Corsica

There’s a little thing that I’ve been neglecting to mention about Seabourn, and since I’m absolutely full of it at the moment, I find now the appropriate time. Let me tell you about the food. God, let me tell you. But first, I’ll share our time in Corsica. We are docked in the town of Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon – it is a much busier port than Sardinia, and for that, I am so thankful. The town itself, with its French roots, really reminds me of Juan-Les-Pins, the seaside town that I stayed in while studying abroad along the Riviera last summer. It has tons of cute sidewalk cafes, nice shopping, and angry French women who bark at you when you’ve left their drink cooler open too long while trying to finder water “without gasse” (no bubbles, please!). All part of the territory, which my parents experienced for the first time today (now they see why I ran off to Venice… to get away from the people!). Anyway, Corsica really is beautiful, so we take time to walk around and see the sights in the main area. After doing this, we decide that the Little Train of Ajaccio (Le Petit Train) is the way to view everything else that we’ve missed.

some awkward kid on the train.

For 10 E each, we hop on the caboose and wind up seeing pretty much everything that we had already walked to. It was a neat 45 minute excursion, though, and gave us something different to do. At the end, after the commentary in both French and Italian, the British-accented voice announces, “The Little Train of Ajaccio thanks you!” to which we respond, “The little Epperly family of Georgia thanks you”.

Le Petit Train Thanks You!

We conclude our time in Corsica by purchasing three chocolate éclairs for later, as I’ve been bragging to my parents about the joys of French patisseries for over a year now. Our little éclairs certainly live up to the expectations – score one for my previous summer in France (also, I still remember enough of the French language to order our éclairs – and that’s really all you need, right?). Dad and I continue our afternoon ritual of grabbing chairs on the deck and becoming comatose over Mudslides. I have yet to mention the great service while at the pool. Envision this: you are sitting along the Mediterranean Sea and you hear the questions: “Would you like another Mudslide?”; “Would you like to try a sample of this fruit punch?”; “Would you like to choose from one of our sunblocks?”; “Would you like a cold towelette?”. Do you know what you would answer to everyone one of those questions? Heck-freaking-yes. You definitely aren’t offered these services while trying to fight over an available chair on a mass-market cruise. On that note – I’ll get back to the earlier topic that I’ve been teasing you with. After going to the Chef’s cooking demonstration on Sunday, Mom and I have been on the lookout for just what sets this food apart: the freshness. Nearly 100% of Seabourn’s food items are purchased at the ports and prepared fresh for the guests – when there are only 200 to cook for, versus three-thousand, the Chef can certainly exercise his creative license for truly unique meals. My family and I are huge foodies, so when I say that every meal I eat here is better than the last, I mean it. It’s not just a satisfied, “That was a nice (insert food item here) for dinner.” It is a full out declaration that, “That was the best (Chateaubriand, Truffle-Roasted Chicken, Fish and Chips, Grilled Shrimp, Hamburger, Eggs Benedict, Tiramisu, Omelet, Belgian Waffle with Nutella requested by me) I have ever had IN MY LIFE!”. It’s a gastronomical treat. Tonight we dine in the specialty restaurant, “2”, and watch Corsica sail by. We eat on the deck and have the entire place to ourselves for the majority of our meal – it’s at this point that we realize we are sold on Seabourn. Hook, line, and sinker – we could get used to this.

Restaurant "2" Onboard the Legend

It’s taken us a few days to acclimate into such a different experience. Now that we have, I would say it’s going to be pretty tough to get back on a super large ship and fight for our table/worry about the sanitation of the pool deck/everything else that comes with the larger cruise lines. We’ll be able to manage, I’m sure – but there will be many more Seabourn sailings in our future. My Voyager Club hosted shore excursion to Lucca, Italy is tomorrow, so look forward to that – I certainly am!

Lindsey Epperly

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