Megan Wright


 I was born with the motto “Work hard, play hard,” but I’m always dreaming about where I can go to play hard and REST hard.

My mama always said I was born with the motto “work hard, play hard.” Sometimes though, as a mother of four, playing hard can quickly turn into resting hard. Either way, I am always dreaming about the next place I can go to escape my daily routine where I can play hard AND rest hard. I found myself constantly planning my next getaway immediately after the one I just took. This, along with the beauties and joys the world has to offer, is how I discovered the exciting world of Luxury Travel.  So why not make my love of travel, people and the finer things of life my job?
Numerous trips to Europe, several trips to Asia, and countless trips to the tropics have left me only wanting more, which is my desire for you.  I want you to have such a detailed, personalized, intricate experience, you depart from every trip wanting more. And like me, you come home ready to plan your next dream vacation.
I also know the benefits of group travel. They can change your perspective on life and provide a “get-away” with a bonus! Group travel can give you everything from knowledge to rejuvenation but the biggest perk is the priceless relationships you build. Specializing in escorted groups, I customize tours to the needs and desires of each distinguished group. My desire is to provide an unforgettable, unique, luxurious experience in some of the most beautiful interesting places the world has to offer, while building relationships with the people you have already come to love.
Whether you are planning your dream honeymoon with your dream guy/gal, planning your next vacation away from the kids, or planning a vacation with a group of all your family and friends, sit back, relax and let me do the planning while you do the dreaming.
Work Hard. Play Hard. Rest Hard.
– Megan Wright
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