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WE DID IT! New Story Campaign Goal Reached!

We first talked about our partnership with New Story, a nonprofit crowdfunding company that works to build new homes in destitute areas of the world, in April of 2015. We decided that a portion of every trip booked through Epperly Travel would go directly to support building a home in Haiti – a $6,000 goal that we hoped to hit within a year.

We are so excited to announce that in April of 2016, we reached our campaign goal with New Story! Through New Story’s innovative platform, we got to watch as these contributions changed the lives of 5 families – take a look at them here!

We had no idea that a yearlong partnership with New Story would be so impactful, but we’ve found ourselves celebrating with them through each of the wonderful opportunities they’ve received. From being accepted into the Y Combinator to opening the NASDAQ, this little charity that could is on a roll. Not only that, in one year, New Story managed to transform the entire slum of Leveque, Haiti (151 homes!!) into a sustainable community and move into El Salvador. We are so proud of them!

We’re so appreciative of all our clients who helped make this goal possible. We are continuing the campaign again, with a portion of every trip booked from April 2016 – April 2017, in the hopes of completing our goal again next year. We’re so looking forward to supporting the community in El Salvador and anywhere else that New Story ventures into!

Thank you again for your continued support of Epperly Travel.



Kelsey Hendrix

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