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Ranch at Rock Creek

The Ranch at Rock Creek

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’ve felt a relentless need to start writing again – and that need couldn’t have been fostered in a better environment than the Ranch at Rock Creek.

Had we visited here during this time last year, I’m not sure I would’ve ever appreciated it. I wouldn’t have been able to close my computer to take in the simplicity of the nature around me. There’s a certain restorative power that travel has if you allow it, and anyone who needs rejuvenation or inspiration, from creative types to those who just long to be more mindful of the world around them, could easily find it at the Ranch at Rock Creek

Ranch at Rock Creek img_8513 Ranch at Rock Creek

For the duration of my stay, I found myself out on my back porch every afternoon, listening to the bubbling sounds of Rock Creek, watching as the sun began to dip behind the hills in front of me and embracing the solitude and peace that comes with 6600 acres in the middle of Big Sky country. 

Ranch at Rock Creek Ranch at Rock Creek

The great thing about this property is the balance – while it’s so very easy to find bliss in the peace, it’s also easy to find adventure in the activities. I’m fortunate to be here with a group that made those activities even more meaningful, most of which are way outside of my comfort zone (I mean, the last time I was at a ranch in Montana I threw hatchets while wearing wedges…). 

This particular trip was an award from my amazing host agency, Century Travel, to their top producers for 2015. I’ll never forget interviewing with Century around this time two years ago. I had known for so long that I needed to make a change, especially if I wanted to build a business that operated on transparency and integrity. When I sat down with Peter and Gene, I told them that, in making my move, I was fearful of becoming a small fish and a big pond. They encouraged me that I had the potential to grow to be a big fish in a big pond. I took that to heart and was thrilled to learn I made it into their top 10 producers in my first full year with the company – my goal for 2016 is to be in the top 3. 

You never realize how much a negative environment drags you down until you get out of it. For me, Century has been a constant source of positivity, just the encouragement I needed to grow Epperly Travel for the past two years. I tend to get caught up at the office by coming in, getting work done, and darting out, but this weekend has given me the opportunity to get to know my colleagues on an even closer level, which I’m so grateful for. 

On our first full day, I went out with several colleagues that I never imagined could shoot a pistol and watched as they hit every target they aimed for (I’m looking at you, Reta Frew). Our last morning I spent fly fishing with Laura (an expert fly fisher) and Melissa (a novice like myself). I can’t remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did when Melissa caught a fish, pulled it out of the water and screamed, “WHAT DO I DO WITH IT NOW?!”

This was all after I caught my own hat with the fishing lure and managed to catch my first (and only) baby whitefish: 

Ranch at Rock Creek Ranch at Rock Creek

Those were my second favorite activities. My first favorites were, of course, the spa and eating. Relais and Chateaux must not have faced a hard decision to hand-select the Ranch at Rock Creek based on their food and wine experience. The very first night we had a local craft beer pairing dinner, complete with country fried bison and crabmeat topped french fries (are. you. kidding?!) and we ended the trip with a Chef’s tasting menu. 

Ranch at Rock Creek

I’ve probably been most impressed by the friendliness and level of service here. From the waitstaff to the front desk to the bartenders to the guides, everyone is passionate about what they do and happy to be a part of the Ranch at Rock Creek team. The very first night I wound up having to print and review a contract before meeting up with the group – so I was stuck carrying around this 20 page document. One of the bartenders noticed me holding it and asked, “Would you like for us to deliver that to your room so you don’t have to keep up with it anymore?” – WOULD I?!? I love a property that manages to stay one step ahead of their guests, anticipating what they need before they realize they need it.

The great thing about this weekend at the Ranch at Rock Creek, beyond the companionship and the ability to turn off and rest, has been getting to know a property more intimately that I’m confident will impress and take care of our clients. Whether you’re a multi-generational family (all of the activities are included and kid-friendly – or you can leave the kiddos at the Little Grizzlies program while you go out and snowmobile or horseback ride) or a couple looking for a romantic getaway (pro tip: make sure you talk to us about the right accommodations for you – I’m in Bluebird this weekend and it’s so perfect for honeymooners!), the Ranch at Rock Creek is versatile enough to provide an unforgettable vacation experience to so many different types of travelers (even corporate groups, like the one I’m with right now!).  

A few photos from their various accommodations (The first one is Bluebird, the second is Loft & the last two are of the 2 bedroom tented glamping experience!):

Ranch at Rock Creek Ranch at Rock Creek Ranch at Rock Creek

Ranch at Rock Creek

I absolutely cannot wait to tell all of our clients just how perfect this is for them and am so thankful to the Ranch at Rock Creek team for having us and to the Century Travel team for putting such a special getaway together. Looking forward to the day I return here! 

For inquiries about your own trip out West, please shoot me an email at lindsey@epperlytravel.com!

Kelsey Hendrix

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