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Rosewood’s Las Ventanas & The One&Only Palmilla: Journese Curators Celebration in Los Cabos

One thing I forgot to mention in my first post from the One&Only Palmilla is something that I’ve seen evidenced at every resort we’ve visited: the service at these 5 star properties in Los Cabos is unbelievable. The One&Only Palmilla went above and beyond – each room has butler service and the higher room categories come with private butlers. The butlers can assist with a number of things, from helping unpack to bubble wrapping the fragile plate sets that we received as gifts.

From the moment a guest arrives – even before they step foot on property – the staff is evaluating their needs to better serve them. If, on the drive over a guest mentions he has a headache or he prefers a certain type of music, the driver notifies the resort of the guests’s needs and preferences so that the resort is aware ahead of time. The staff discreetly picks up on ways to improve each individual’s stay at the property, and that kind of dedication goes an incredibly long way.

Our second day at the resort consisted of a site visit of the One&Only and a day trip to Todos Santos. The latter was a bit rushed since we had to cut the tour time in half to make it back to the property for our evening at Las Ventanas. Todos Santos was a cute town, home of the Hotel California (yes, the one that inspired the Eagles), but Laura and I agreed that we should’ve taken it easy with a day by the pool. Oh well, we needed to do a little exploring while here.


Sunday was dedicated to experiencing the One&Only’s incredible spa and pool. Another thing to note about the service – guests spending the day by the pool are treated to complimentary foot massages, access to magazines, books, and iPads, and even a sunglass cleaning from the pool concierge. All of this just adds to the overall guest experience and I highly recommend coming to Cabo for no other reason than completely unwinding and being pampered beside one of these magnificent resort pools.


That evening, we enjoyed a site visit and dinner at Rosewood’s Las Ventanas, a truly remarkable property that is a complete one-eighty from the One&Only in terms of style and presentation. While One&Only is open to all travelers, both couples and families (they have a kid’s club, but also an adults-only section and pool), Las Ventanas caters more to adults – during the holidays they provide activities for children, but the remainder of the year isn’t ideal for families. The One&Only has lush, overgrown foliage, more reminiscent of a rainforest setting, whereas Las Ventanas cultivates that true sense of place in their landscape, offering a very desert-like feel. The rooms at both resorts are incredibly reminiscent of the Baja culture, but what the One&Only accomplishes in over-the-top adornment, Las Ventanas manages to convey in its simplicity.

Both properties have their pros, neither have any cons (seriously), and you can’t go wrong with either – it just depends on each individual traveler’s needs and preferences as to which might be a better fit. One of the reasons I love my job is being able to match people to certain destinations and resorts based on their personalities, preferences, and needs. Visiting each property like this allows me to do just that!

Photos of Las Ventanas:






Las Ventanas felt magical to me, especially as the sun began to set and day turned into night. The property came to life with lights sparkling on the trees and fire pits dancing throughout the darkness. Right before sunset, we were taken to explore one of the property’s new villas, a gorgeous option with giant, glass paneling that opened directly onto the beach, turning the villa into an open-air experience (that’s my kind of camping).

Outside of the villa, Las Ventanas had lined tea lights along a manicured pathway in the sand, flanked with mariachi singers, leading to their version of a traditional Mexican street fair. Tables with food, drinks, and crafts circled our dining area in the sand, making for a really memorable experience.


I can definitely see where the property goes above and beyond for events, especially destination weddings. My mind has been racing with the possibility of the beautiful escapes that can be had in Cabo, these resorts will definitely top my list of recommendations for the right couples!


Both Las Ventanas and the One&Only Palmilla are partner properties of mine, so I’m able to get clients extra perks and ensure that they’re truly taken care of. If you’re interested in planning your own trip to Cabo, or anywhere in the world, fill out our Request a Trip form.

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