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Sightseeing in Rome – How to Do it in One Day

Sandra, my coworker, joked with me last week about her most recent trip to Rome, stating, “They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I sure saw it in a day.” Well, Sandra – I feel your pain.
It wasn’t part of the plan that I wake up at 4 AM this morning, but the jetlag has really set me off balance – which is weird, I can usually adjust pretty quickly. I stayed awake, chatting my night-owl friends and eventually taking a bubble bath, in anticipation of our 6 AM wake up call. Before hopping on our bus tour to Vatican City, we have an excellent complimentary breakfast at the hotel restaurant (thanks, Virtuoso!). Our tour of the Vatican is interesting but exhausting.
I don’t even know where to begin – our tour guide is an older Italian woman with a thick accent, and she is our key to getting around the incredibly long lines outside of the Vatican.
After a quick check-in (no passports required to leave Italy and enter into this country, thankfully), she takes us to the garden and explains the course of our tour: a short walk through the “most important” part of the Museum, leading to the Sistine Chapel, onward to St. Peter’s Basilica, and ending in the Piazza (where Mom is keeping her fingers crossed that we’ll see the glass “Pope-mobile”).

it's beautiful here - but where's the pope-mobile?!
The Sistine Chapel really is beautiful – I remember bits and pieces from studying the work in my high school art history class (thanks, Mrs. Livengood!), but I’m still lacking in the art connoisseur department. Even though you aren’t supposed to take pictures of the Chapel, somehow my camera must have gone off inside of my purse, capturing The Creation of Adam, one of the most recognized pieces of artwork known to man. Shame on you, camera. Shame on you.
camera, how could you accidentally take that picture from my purse?!
While we are warned not to speak or take photos, everyone is ignoring these rules, so I manage to snap a couple of clearer shots on my iPhone.
After this, we head to the Basilica – I walk in and instantly recognize something! “La Pieta!” I shout, running to take a picture.  After about an hour in the Basilica, it dawns on my mother and I that we are neither Catholic nor appreciative of art, so we’re pretty ready to head on out.  Unfortunately, on a tour bus of 50+ people, we cannot just do so.
if i was catholic i would know what to do with this
Overall, it’s an interesting tour – but 4 hours is a long time and my back is breaking.
Once we arrive back at the hotel, we eat lunch at the same restaurant that we did the night before and part ways: my parents go to rest, and I meet up with Carmen, the sales rep at the Westin that I’ve been working with. We grab some coffee and really hit it off – we’re about the same age and at similar stages in life, although she is much more well-traveled than myself.
As rushed as this is, I’ll tell the rest of our day in a short paragraph and pictures.  We decide to make the most of our last few hours and go on the hop on hop off bus, where we ride around the city in 2 hours from the top of the open-air bus. I fall asleep on the guardrail until we get to the Coloseum, which wakes me up a bit. It’s a great way to take in the last few big monuments of the city – we came, we sat, we conquered.
And now I can say that I’ve seen Rome, I might add more to this post when I have a longer time with the internet… but for now, I have limited internet and a boyfriend to Skype 🙂
we hopped on but we never hopped off!

*because of this rush, I apologize for any typos, misinformed facts (as in: I don’t know my art and monuments), etc. I’ll come back and correct them one day – but for now, blame it on sleeplessness and a shortage of internet time.

Lindsey Epperly

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