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A Honeymoon in St. Lucia – Stacee’s Client Testimonial

By nature, I’ve always been a crafter – from baking and decorating a cake for my son’s birthday party to playing the current piano piece I am working on – I have a passion and dedicate myself to crafting in any form. As a luxury travel consultant, I get to craft a unique experience that you, as my client, will never forget. I will not forget those experiences, either, because it is my highest goal for you to have the experience that is hand-crafted to you.

Back in January, I met several brides looking for a special honeymoon at the Bridal Extravaganza in Atlanta. One of those brides was Keisha and her fiancé, Chuck. They were looking for a honeymoon that was luxurious and relaxing – it was important to them to step away and take time to rest. The very first place I thought of was St Lucia – I spent my honeymoon there and loved every minute! It’s hard not to relax in such a gorgeous locale, especially with a view of the amazing Pitons- I knew this would be a perfect fit for Keisha and Chuck.

As with all of the trips I plan, I try my best to get to know each couple – so when clients return and immediately email me to tell me how much they loved their getaway, I’m as excited to hear about it as I would be if my best friends were coming back from a fantastic vacation! You can imagine how thrilled I was when Keisha and Chuck sent me the following email about their honeymoon. If you’re looking for something similar, please give me a call or email!


Stacee Adams



From Keisha:

There were SEVERAL times during the honeymoon that I almost emailed you to tell you what an AMAZING trip you planned for us (but I was trying to be somewhat “unplugged”), and now I’m afraid I’ll be unable to remember every perfect detail.  It only took me this long to respond because I wanted to give myself enough time to type it all out.  Ladera and Sugar Beach were both outstanding and were the perfect mix for us.  You are AMAZING at what you do.

Ladera was great from the first moment.  We were greeted with welcome drinks and toasted with a few other honeymooning couples just arriving.  We of course knew about the open-air concept, but we still could not believe the view when we walked in.

Ladera Resort St. Lucia Ladera Resort St. Lucia St. Lucia

Just waking up at Ladera, with a direct view of the Gros Piton, was enough for me! What’s more, the service and the food were top-notch.  Dasheene was ALWAYS fantastic–the views were a dream and the food was some of the best I’ve had anywhere.  Ladera Resort St. Lucia Ladera Resort St. Lucia

We went on two excursions at Ladera Resort – the Soufriere Experience and hiking the Gros Piton.  At our first breakfast at Dasheene, we met the owner or manager (Holly, I believe, but forgive me if I’ve forgotten!), and she recommended the Soufriere Experience as the best tour to do at the resort.  We were open for anything, so we signed right up for that same afternoon.  It was a GREAT first day.  We went to the Botanical Gardens and sat in the mineral baths, then to the Toraille waterfall, and finally to the drive-in volcano and mud baths.  It was so fun, and we will never forget the craziness of getting into the 100+ degree volcanic water and slathering ourselves with mud.  The guide Gus told us that we’d look 10 years younger, so I’d say it was worth it! 🙂

Ladera Resort St. Lucia Ladera Resort St. Lucia

The next day we felt a bit adventurous (maybe it was the 10 years younger thing?), and we hiked the Gros Piton.  It was no small feat, and we were definitely sore the next day, but I’m especially a sucker for a beautiful view (and I think Chuck just humored me and knew it would be a good excuse for a massage later during our stay).  The first picture is the halfway point, and the next (with the collage) were all at the very top!

Ladera Resort St. Lucia Ladera Resort St. Lucia

We were honestly sad leaving Ladera …that is, until the moment that we got into the beautiful reception area at Sugar Beach and were again welcomed with delicious welcome drinks, cold towels, and staff that was somehow just as nice, if not even nicer (if possible), than the staff at Ladera.  We were so excited to get a room upgrade and were immediately BLOWN AWAY by our villa.  By the number of “wows” and “oh-my-gosh-es,” our butler Curtley said “I guess I don’t need to ask if you’re okay with your accommodations?”  Within thirty minutes, Curtley brought back snacks, a bottle of wine, a bottle of rum, and thoughtful welcome cards from both you (thank you again!) and the property manager.

St. Lucia Sugar Beach Resort St. Lucia Sugar Beach Resort

We decided to be a bit more relaxed at Sugar Beach, but the butlers did set up an itinerary for us so we didn’t even have to think of what we’d do each day.  We enjoyed the beach, the pool, the Rainforest Spa (probably the best massage I’ve ever had), and a sunset cruise and ate meals at the Terrace, the Great Room, and the Bayside.  On our first night, they had a barbecue at the Bayside, and we were given a table right upfront with a perfect view of the sunset and the live reggae band.  It was love at first sight with Sugar Beach–even Chuck, who is not usually a beach sort of guy, can not stop talking about it.  Even on our last night, after our sunset cruise, we walked back into a room of soft music, candlelight, and rose petals on the bed – just such sweet, thoughtful touches.

St. Lucia Sugar Beach Resort St. Lucia Sugar Beach Resort St. Lucia Sugar Beach Resort

St. Lucia Sugar Beach Resort

I could not play favorites with the resorts–this trip was PERFECT because we stayed at both.  But I will say Sugar Beach is the kind of place that I could see us going back to with kids (still years from now haha) or even sending our parents for their important anniversaries in years to come.  Ladera is honeymoon-perfection, though – it’s the perfect place to feel like it’s just the two of you, and I selfishly wouldn’t want to share it with anyone but Chuck.

We like to explore restaurants even in Atlanta, so I’d say it was also perfect that we didn’t go all-inclusive for our first trip to St. Lucia (I say “first trip” because I’ll be surprised if we don’t make it back there).  Your recommendations were so helpful! We went to Boucan at Hotel Chocolat one night, and it just happened to be barbecue night with entertainment (limbo and fire performers).  The food was delicious, and we had a great time! We also took a taxi ride to Rainforest Hideaway one night, and I was already impressed the second that the little ferry boat came to take us across the bay to the restaurant.  Again, top-notch food and service and BEAUTIFUL.  We also loved seeing Marigot Bay (another picture below!), and the other side of the island.  The taxi driver was great about explaining the villages and towns to us as we passed, so it turned into a sort of informal little island tour.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.54.52 AM

Honestly, you have clients in us for life! We’d already played with the idea of doing an anniversary trip every year, since it’ll generally be close to Labor Day…and by the end of this trip, we were already brainstorming to figure out just when we’ll need to call you for ideas for August/September 2016.  I know I have bombarded you with pictures (haha! feel free to share them!)–it’s just half the excitement that I still feel looking at them and remembering such an awesome trip.

We will never forget our honeymoon – it was perfect.  We had fun, and we came back relaxed.  And we could never thank you enough for that!

Kelsey Hendrix

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