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Finding Grace In Mykonos

One thing I’ve realized with this new granola-crunchy-living-in-the-moment-practice that I’ve picked up is that the more you search and long and yearn for something, the less likely you are to find it. But sometimes I get caught up in the yearning. Searching for an intention feels a little like trying to capture a butterfly in

Nicaragua’s Spiritual Side

There’s truly something spiritual about Nicaragua as a whole. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been finding something spiritual in everything lately, or perhaps it’s because there really is the opportunity to fill your soul to the brim with each and every interaction that travel brings forth. Regardless of the reason, after our first go-go-go day on

Ranch at Rock Creek

The Ranch at Rock Creek

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’ve felt a relentless need to start writing again – and that need couldn’t have been fostered in a better environment than the Ranch at Rock Creek. Had we visited here during this time last year, I’m not sure I would’ve ever appreciated it. I wouldn’t have

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