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Loryn & BJ

Thanks to Lindsey, my husband and I enjoyed an unforgettable 10 days during Fall in Italy. At first we really didn’t think we needed a travel agent, so we set out to plan it all on our own. However, a few steps in we quickly realized that we were in way over our heads trying

Katie & Steve

Overall our trip was incredible. We enjoyed pieces of every city and experience. Our guide in Bangkok was top notch and made sure we experienced the local culture. The Peninsula Hotel was awesome and the staff was so nice. Once we arrived in Chiang Mai we were blown away by the resort, Anantara Chiang Mai.

Kelli & JB

My husband and I were married in October and vacationed in Hawaii for our magical honeymoon. I believe that you should go big or go home for a honeymoon. We picked Hawaii, with Lindsey’s help... we told Lindsey about ourselves and she suggested activities and accommodations to suit our personalities. We first traveled to Oahu,

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