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The Best Honeymoon Resort in Jamaica: Sandals Royal Plantation

So this is what it feels like to vacation in Jamaica. With only one site inspection today (Royal Plantation, where we’re staying), I took full advantage of the spa, beach chairs, ocean, beach bar and grill, pool chairs, pool, butler service, rose petal baths, cheese trays, mudslides, and giant king bed for napping.

happy camper.

What a great day – I just woke up from a nap and hate to even get dressed up to dinner…if I was here with a significant other, I’d probably take advantage of the complimentary 24 hour room service for dinner, have it set up on my balcony, and then call room service again for a midnight snack of something chocolate-related. However, it’s our last night, so our group will be eating at the Terrace restaurant on property (sad that reservations to eat at Sandals Grande Riviera didn’t work out, but I’m OK with stepping out my door and being at dinner instead of taking a 1 1/2 minute car ride). About Royal Plantation: the resort really does feel like an old, giant plantation house – it’s so serene and laid back. While I loved the property itself, I was initially not digging the small size – I like a little more activity – but it has definitely grown on me, especially when I got to experience it in all of its relaxing glory today. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice getaway with great all-inclusive amenities (plus you can go to Sandals Riviera next door and eat at their restaurants, etc. if you get bored. The thing is, you won’t get bored – you’ll get spoiled on relaxing).

Royal Plantation Entrance
View of the Resort

Fun Fact: Royal Plantation has peacocks walking around everywhere. Their calls sound like cats meowing – pretty birds to encounter on your way to breakfast like I did this morning:

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