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The Best Luxury Safari in Zimbabwe: Singita Pamushana (Day 2)

Sometime between my arrival and today, I must have been bitten by a Tsetse Fly and contracted sleeping sickness. Today, for my first daytime game drive, Will actually had to tighten the blanket around me to keep me from tumbling out of the land cruiser because I was falling asleep so often (and I was doing that terrible head nod since I was sitting straight up, they all thought I’d just go tumbling headfirst as soon as we hit a bump). Something about moving vehicles just knocks me out. I’d wake up just long enough to see some giraffe, a dazzle of zebras, etc. and then fall back asleep. I promise I was not bored, I just literally could not keep my eyes open – it had a lot to do with the fact that the wind was drying out my contacts, so I’d close my eyes and then BOOM – gone.

Besides my sleeping sickness, The game drive was INCREDIBLE – between last night and this morning, we saw every one of the Big 5 (and not our idea of the Big 5, which include: pandas, unicorns, and anteaters).

The highlights of our day were:

1) A lioness and her two cubs:

2) A leopard taking a cat nap:

3) Giraffes. Lots of giraffes. I LOVE GIRAFFES.

4) A dazzle of Zebras (that’s what they’re called in a group!)

5) Cassie’s narration for the animals we saw. I didn’t snap a photo of the mating impalas we saw, mainly because we were all laughing at her commentary.

After the drive, we had an incredible afternoon to ourselves – naturally, I used it to sleep like a rock. The girls and I had lunch served in our villa and lounged around until time for our site inspection. Pamushana is truly an incredible retreat, and I haven’t commented enough about the villa. Here’s a photo safari of our spectacular 5 Bedroom accommodations:

This afternoon, we took a party boat onto Lake Malilingwe for a water based safari. The pontoon boat wasn’t intended to be a party boat, but everywhere we go turns into a party, especially since Will has been walking around camp wearing his casual safari feather boa, compliments of James:

We saw an elephant and buffalo on the shores and tons of hippos in the water. The hippos were incredible – they are extremely territorial and watched us the entire time. As we drove away from them, one of the more aggressive females started following us. Apparently, she has bitten the motor in the past – terrifying! Fun fact: hippos kill more humans than any other animal in the bush by their bite alone. Great!



Everybody has a water buffalo, yours is fast but mine is slow...

Dinner was on-par with Ellerman in terms of laughing until we cried. Will’s feather boa is now the official award of dumbest question asked from the day. Some of the contenders were:

Can I really ride a giraffe? – Me

What are you going to do in a thousand years when that Baobob tree outgrows the area? – Beth

And the winner was this conversation….

Guide: That’s a clawless otter!

Beth: What does clawless otter mean?

Guide: It’s an otter without claws…

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