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The Norwegian Breakaway & Fairmont Southampton: Cruises from New York & Bermuda’s Best Resorts

One night onboard the Norwegian Breakaway, I had a dream that I was in a circus tent with jungle animals, Bradley Cooper, and a lobster playing the violin. 

No wait, that really happened at the ship’s Cirque Dreams show. Granted, Bradley Cooper was just an audience member with a striking resemblance to the star (and he was here with his wife and child, so I guess I’ll just have to settle for the real Bradley Cooper one day), but there were jungle animals – and there was a lobster playing the violin, strangely enough.

The show, one of many offered on the ship, was by far our favorite. In traditional Cirque style, there were tightrope walkers, contortionists, quick-change acts, and acrobats of all shapes and sizes. As a double-jointed member of society, I realized that I have got to stop showing off my skills when everyone groaned at the contortionist.


My own contortionist skills....
My own contortionist skills….

Sailing on the Norwegian Breakaway has been a great experience to compare to Royal’s Oasis & Allure of the Seas, one of which I went on last year. The mega-cruise has become a staple for the mass-market lines, and although the Breakaway is not as large as the Epic, it holds its own with room for over 4,000 passengers (a little large for our tastes, but a fun trip – one has to expect a crowd on a ship of this size). Out of all the guests onboard, we are probably the only ones without a Northern accent.

In traditional Norwegian fashion, the cruise is truly freestyle. Guests can choose between several cuisine styles at the specialty restaurants (my personal favorite was Teppanyaki, the hibachi-style Japanese dining), or they can dine in any of the multiple complimentary options onboard. The shows are similarly freestyle – passengers can choose from comedy acts in Headliners, the Broadway-length version of Rock of Ages, or, for a surcharge, Cirque Dreams, perhaps without the Bradley Cooper lookalike.

Our sailing on the Breakaway ran from New York, with two days at sea, to three days in Bermuda, and back to New York in…only one day? I won’t question the captain’s logic on the route, as it has been nice enjoying life in my studio cabin on the sea days, where I’m currently finishing my third book of the week.

We also got to pass by the Statue of Liberty while sailing out of New York, which was a treat:

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 2.18.01 PM

The studio concept onboard the Breakaway is fantastic – every cruise line should adopt this. The studio section is made of two segments on the 10th and 11th floors that share access to a modern studio lounge, complete with coffee and pastries served throughout the day. The lounge is intended for solo guests to mix and mingle with other singles onboard – the only drawback is if you are a single in your 20s and everyone else is in their 40s, but c’est la vie. Such is my life.

The studio cabins live up to their names – just enough space for one passenger, although my parents have relentlessly teased me about my tiny cabin. My cabin is so small, I have to walk outside to turn around. My cabin is so small, the towel animal was a midget.  My cabin is so small, the pillow mints are tic-tacs. 

My pillow mint.
My pillow mint.


So on and so forth.

However, I have enjoyed the peacefulness of the studio cabin and think the concept is certainly a winner – bravo, Norwegian.

Our destination was perfect, too. I’m thankful to my wonderful Fairmont rep, Andrew, for granting me access to the Fairmont Southampton’s pink sand beaches for one of the days we were in port at King’s Wharf, the Dockyard area of Bermuda (about a 40 minute ride to Hamilton). Our beach day at the Fairmont was by far my favorite and I encourage you to read more about both Fairmont properties in my past blog posts.


The Fairmont Southampton's Bermuda-ful beach!
The Fairmont Southampton’s Bermuda-ful beach!

I toured both the Fairmont Southampton & the Fairmont Hamilton Princess and could certainly see myself flying to spend a week at a resort in Bermuda – it’s easy to reach from anywhere along the East Coast and our partner properties are fantastic (plus they include free breakfast and other perks!).

All in all, the Breakaway allowed us to do just that – break away from the outside world and enjoy both quality time and down time, and who doesn’t need that from time to time?

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 1.58.54 PM
My father is actually much taller than us in real life…

Just email info@epperlytravel.com for more information on your own trip to Bermuda, or for your own trip on the Norwegian Breakaway!

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