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Touring London – Meg Mills Recaps Recent Visits

Epperly agent, Meg Mills shares her recent experiences having traveled to London twice in the past year. Visits to Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the Harry Potter set at the Warner Brother’s Studio, Harrods and the fabulous Goring Hotel make up just some of the sights from her fabulous trips. Continue reading for additional insight and inspiration on your next trip across the pond.



“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford” – Samuel Johnson

I’ve had the privilege of visiting London twice in the last year or so, and was happy to discover that there was more to do and see the second time around without having to repeat old experiences. From well-known historical staples like visiting Big Ben or the Tower Bridge and its formidable neighbor, the Tower of London, to wandering through the many gorgeous parks and gardens, to discovering quirky and unique neighborhoods and shops, and taking in a musical or play on West End, London truly has something to offer everyone. Having been a history major in college, it’s easy to predict what makes a city like London so special for a traveler like me. Something about the magnitude of Great Britain’s impact and influence on world events over the last several hundred years brings much into perspective and many of those decisions (and decision makers) came out of this city. Even better is the fact that the majority of the nationally supported museums in London offer free admission, so even the budget savvy traveler can find plenty to do. If you’re a super huge history nerd like me and my husband, you can even sneak into a Parliamentary session free of charge – it’s a great way to see some of the interiors of the Parliament building and hear portions of debates in the House of Commons (hubby and I happened to stumble in just a few weeks before the big Brexit decision and heard some interesting arguments for both sides).

If history and museums aren’t your thing, though, London still has plenty to offer – a ride in the London Eye for a gorgeous panoramic view of the city, a shopping trip to Harrod’s, a stroll through the markets and eateries in Covent Garden, or, if you’re a Harry Potter lover like me, a visit to Warner Bros Studios to see the sets and locations used during filming!


London London

Like any major city, London offers plenty of choices on where to stay. But if you’re looking for that quintessential London experience, I can’t recommend The Goring enough. Located just behind Buckingham Palace, the Goring represents everything we love about England – classic décor with a touch of whimsy and even the Queen’s seal of approval (they are the ONLY hotel to have been awarded a Royal Warrant for hospitality services)!

The Goring Hotel

The lobby is filled with custom wallpaper featuring animals representing various members of hotel staff, as well as a lovely unicorn with a special royal connection – the Duchess of Cambridge helped paint him herself!

The Goring Hotel

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.44.52 AM

Speaking of the Duchess of Cambridge, THIS is the Royal Suite where Kate stayed the night before her marriage to Prince William! How many people can say they’ve literally slept where royalty once slept?!

The Goring Hotel

The Royal Suite is also special for its one of kind touches – the wallpaper in the room is the same that was used on the Titanic, and the wallpaper in the half bath is the same that you’ll find in the Queen’s Throne Room (bringing a whole new meaning to the name!)

Down in the bathroom, you’ll also find a portrait in a very unexpected place – this is literally the only place where you can say Queen Victoria watched you shower.

The Goring Hotel

You’ll also notice a friendly visitor on your bed when you arrive (and if you look closely, you’ll see her hidden in other places throughout the hotel) – “Baarbara” the sheep is the official mascot of The Goring.

The Goring Hotel

The Goring also boasts a high tea and fabulous meals in their Michelin starred restaurant, a lovely lawn where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and absolutely flawless customer service. Affectionately known as a “baby grand,” the Goring is everything a luxury hotel should be, but with an intimate, boutique feel. Because of our partnership with Virtuoso, we can also bring you added value to your stay here with bonus amenities and hotel credits.

London itself is truly a delight for every traveler, and it would be my privilege to help you plan your next adventure here – contact meg@epperlytravel.com for inquiries.

Kelsey Hendrix

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