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Traveling in Style Through the Canadian Rockies: Jasper, Lake Louise, and Banff

We’re on the very last leg of this trip and, while I’m loving it, I feel like I’m going to need a vacation after this vacation. The full days of motor coach travel just wear me out. We’ve been informed that adjusting to this elevation is harder for those from lower sea levels, which would explain the multiple naps I’ve taken. Hourly.

Fun story to show just how small the world is: yesterday, we managed to meet someone in the middle-of-nowhere-Alberta-Canada with a Georgia Bulldogs license plate! Jim and Claudia, a couple who currently resides in Alberta, introduced themselves after catching us taking photos of their license plate. Embarrassing. Muriel came over to talk about her time at the University and within the state, which is when they found out that they had mutual friends from Jim’s hometown. What are the odds!? Go Dawgs!

In travel related news…the sites have been beautiful – yesterday, we passed by several elk, a bear, Athabasca Falls, and Lake Louise. The hours go by like minutes when we’re driving through such beautiful scenery. I took out my iPod for a personal soundtrack provided by Joshua James. Again, though, between fatigue and a concern that my words won’t do this country justice, I’m finding my stories better told in photos:

this elk was kind of mangy...
A Brown Black Bear
Athabasca Falls
Lake Louise

Lake Louise

The Lake Louise I saw did not match the photos – it’s iced over with snow on top. While it was still beautiful, I was a little disappointed to not see the postcard-perfect view. However, we walked over to the side of the lake that was slightly more melted for a spectacular scene – sometimes it’s better that the postcard didn’t come true.

Since we’ve had a few days around everyone, the group has really settled in and gotten more comfortable with one other. The bus ride is hilarious – especially with Don quipping in every few minutes. For example:

Russell the guide: This event occurred 54 million years ago…

Don: I was only fourteen then! It was a fantastic year!

We all bonded over a group of Asian tourists in the Fairmont Lake Louise. Dad snapped this picture to show exactly how they were dressed:

Not your typical tour group...

These tourists, all exactly 5 feet tall, wore full body silver/tan shirts and pants with oversized hats and walked en masse through the lobby. Jack dubbed them the Silver Smurfs. I’m really loving this group and their sense of humor.

This morning, we woke up to SNOW in Banff! Mom was the third most excited person on the trip – awards for first and second go to Jenny and John, the Australian couple who, until today, had never experienced snow falling from the sky. Coupled with a view of the only unfrozen lake that we’ve seen (I would recommend this tour in later summer – you won’t see as much snow, but the lakes will be prettier), today was the perfect ending to our trip. For now, I’ll leave you with these photos:

Emerald Lake


Banff Springs Hotel


It's beginning to look a lot like...May?
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