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Why Bermuda is So Much More for Luxury Travelers: Featuring the Fairmont Hamilton Princess

One of my favorite aspects to Virtuoso’s annual Travel Week is the friendships that form during our whirlwind conference in Vegas. It’s not hard to bond over pop rock sushi rolls (imagine the fun of your childhood combined with white rice and seaweed. Yes, these actually exist & are served at the Bellagio’s Yellowtail restaurant), which is exactly what I did in August with the amazing rep from the Fairmont properties in Bermuda. Since then, we’ve kept in touch and his passion for the island of Bermuda is so evident that, even without going there, I’m convinced the destination should be on your travel to-do list.

While a lot of travelers think that Bermuda is in the Caribbean, it’s actually located in the North Atlantic off the East coast of the US (so please pardon categorizing this post under “Caribbean” – geographically incorrect, but probably where most people will choose to look). While the weather rarely drops below 60, the prime time to visit this picture-perfect island is anytime in or between Spring and Fall.

With the recent launch of a new tourism campaign (read more about that in this NY Times article), Bermuda is surely becoming the new hotspot for travelers. Its natural beauty has drawn a cultured crowd for years, but, as the campaign suggests, there is So Much More to the island than even the world-famous pink sand beaches. There’s truly something for everyone here – young and old, all travelers will enjoy what the destination has to offer.

As for the properties, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, the most noteworthy are the luxury properties that have been hand-selected by Virtuoso as the best of the best. Amongst our Virtuoso partner properties are the Fairmont Hamilton Princess & Fairmont Southampton, two properties that are as different as night and day but compliment each other so very well.

Today, I’ll focus on the Fairmont Hamilton Princess. As the name suggests, the hotel is located in Hamilton, the downtown area of Bermuda, where guests will find tons of shopping and dining. The hotel is located right on the harbor and is a great option for guests who want a little more of an authentic local experience.

Besides being voted the best afternoon tea on the island (Bermuda is a British territory!), the Hamilton Princess is home to the best Happy Hour in town – a Friday tradition that is not to be missed. When it comes to Fairmont properties, I always encourage travelers to stay in a Fairmont Gold room (the brand’s club level) for impeccable service and amenities.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more information on the Fairmont’s other property in Bermuda, the Fairmont Southampton. Can’t choose between the two? You don’t have to. Fairmont runs a private ferry between the two properties. So, guests at the Hamilton Princess can still take advantage of the Southampton’s private beach, and those at Southampton can still enjoy the downtown atmosphere. Alternatively, for those who like to change it up a bit during their vacations, I’m happy to arrange a split stay between the two properties for a well-rounded experience of Bermuda.

Call me today to begin planning your dream getaway to Bermuda! Guests who book the Fairmont through me will receive the wonderful amenities of daily breakfast, a $100 food and beverage credit, and, if available, an upgrade, early checkin, and late checkout.

Lindsey Epperly

My name is Lindsey Epperly and I’m a travel consultant and owner of Epperly Travel, a national affiliate of Century Travel. I’m most passionate about building lifelong relationships with my clients and suppliers, discovering the globe in a way that makes me a better agent, and celebrating with my team when we reach a new milestone. One of our core values at Epperly Travel is to create fun and celebrate constantly – and I’m fortunate to be in a career that allows me to do just that. I’m proud to announce my recent achievements: landing a spot on Wendy Perrin’s WOW List as their Caribbean expert, being nominated for Virtuoso’s Rising Star Award and receiving a place on Jezebel Magazine’s Trailblazing Ten list.

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